Welcome to the Italian-American Society of Peoria

The Italian-American Society was founded in Peoria, Illinois on October 5, 1929 by seventeen men of Italian descent. At that time its basic purpose was as a fraternal organization dedicated to the welfare of its members. It has grown substantially in both size and scope since those early years.

Today the Society's goals center not only on the welfare of its members, but also on that of the community. We continually strive to fulfill the dreams of those original founders by carrying on Italian tradition.

Additionally, our hand is extended to those of Italian descent and those desiring to learn more about Italian heritage to join the organization and become an integral part of the Society's future.


2014 Officers

  • President: Rob Facker
  • Vice-President: Kathy Occhipinti
  • Secretary: Deb Dingerson
  • Financial Secretary: Dave Facker
  • Treasurer: Tim DiBernardino
  • First Trustee: Maureen Hallengren
  • Second Trustee: Ron Douglas
  • Third Trustee: Dean Costello
  • Hall Marshall: Don Castelli
  • Sergeant-at-arms: Rita Hess
  • Health Committee: Gerry Howard, Don Castelli, and Charlene Bell